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Da Vinci’s Distressed Chalk Paint Finish Helpful Hints

Using any Chalk Paint finish is easy to do also Google or Youtube “Chalk Paint” or “Chalk Finish” there are
100’s of ideas how to create fantastic shabby chic and French looking antique furniture and effects. These
videos may not Be Da Vinci’s but the same methods apply.

Tools you may need
1. A piece of furniture or project to paint
2. A drop cloth or plastic
3. Distress chalk finish
4. A good paint brush
5. Water
6. Clean rags
7. Sandpaper or sanding block
8. Basic tools
9. Masking tape
10.Wax or Chalk paint glaze

Other Tips:
Sanding is not normally required but doesn’t hurt, providing surface is free of dust, oil & grime and og course sound &
not peeling. You can use any type of paint brush but natural bristle works best. Also choose a brush with long flexible bristles.
To choose a colour you paint merchant has a large range that can be tinted in to this paint providing it is light- mid tone in
colour. There may be a slight shade difference to the colour you choose painting a wooden project, then for best results
use clear coat or a varnish before hand, lightly sand and then apply chalk finish, This will bring out the richness of the wood
and make distressing easier. Using on baby cribs or children’s furniture then relax, all Only Green paints are Non-Toxic .
We do suggest paints cure before use.  Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are great to use but the use of a 2-in1 finish or wax
will protect against moisture and stain damage. It is not recommended for bench tops we would recommend our Glaze.

Many  spray furniture polishes contain Dimethicone, a silicone used  to protect surfaces, this can cause cracks to appear
in your Chalk Finish, especially along edges. For cleaning simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth and mild soap and water
to clean, and if waxed refresh occasionally with a coat of wax as needed

Leonardo da Vinci
Writer, Mathematician, Inventor, Artist (1452–1519)   
Leonardo da Vinci was a leading artist and intellectual of the Italian
Renaissance who's known for his enduring works "The Last Supper" and "Mona Lisa."
Perhaps he might have used “Only Green Distressed Chalk Finish” if it had been available,