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Da Vinci’s “Chalk” Powder additive for paint and more!

The easy additive to create an economical alternative to ready mixed chalky Finish. It is really great to turn chalky finish paint into a texture coat.

Only Green’s Da Vinci “Chalk” Paint Powder additive turns most water based paints - including “Vintique” into chalky finish. Da Vinci’s Chalk Powder for paint is a 100% NZ natural Calcium Carbonate additive. It is easy to mix, easy to apply and easy to sand. It can be painted onto most surfaces with no undercoat required. (please note Chalk
paint powdered mixed paint must be mixed regulary and does not have the adhesion, stainblocking additives and stability of “Distressed” ChalkyFinish)


For Chalky Finish Paint:
Chalky paint will produce a range of shabby chic looks to vintage looks .see enclosed brochure for ideas.Its easy to apply using a brush and dries quickly. The finish can be
sanded smooth or distressed with sandpaper. It is essential to add a protective coating to chalk paint furniture before use. We recommend Da Vinci wax or Glaze Clearcoat.

For Textured Paint
This is ideal to make a textured paint similar to stucco, you need more chalk than for chalk finish but the effect is ideal. We recommend mixing into Vintique or Distressed paints mixed to the colour of your choice.

For Chalky Paint finish
2 Table spoons of chalk and 1 tablespoon of water, mix thorougherly into a paste then add 250mls of paint, mix and mixed while using. Unfinished product will separate in can
For Textured Finish (For Distressed or Vintique paint)
For 250mls of paint ( ratios of) take approx 250ml (volume) of dry chalk Powder and slowly add water or Roma wash until a very thick paste and then add with Distressed or Vintique paints

Frequently asked question:

What is better using Chalky powder for paint in acrylic paint or ready mixed Chalky Finish ?

Easy answer -the ready mixed chalk finish will remain stable (ie not separate) has better adhesion, and isn't clumpy but still works the same.