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Cameo Rose Stencil

Stencil size

12cm x 18cm

Part no STEN019

Country Kitchen stencil

Stencil size

11.4cm x 10cm

Part no STEN017

Maple Leaf Border stencil, Design Height 60mm, Stencil size 10cm x 38cm, Part no STEN027

Single Rose Border Stencil, Design Height 70mm, Stencil size 10.2cm x 38cm, Part no STEN008

Rose Border Stencil ,Design Height 70mm, Stencil size 12cm x 33cm, Part no STEN006

Apple Border stencil, Design Height 50mm, Stencil size 6cm x 35.6cm,Part no STEN024

Juliana’s Flora and Fauna Wall and furniture paint stencils
This range of Flora and fauna stencils include cameos,flowers,leaves and more

Stencils are made from semi-rigid easy cleaning plastic. They are designed to be taped to the
furniture or wall with a delicate (easy removing) masking tape. They are popular with the Da Vinci Chalk
paint range but can be used with any paint finish.