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How to apply Da Vinci’s Distressed Chalk Paint Finish

Here’s How to apply Chalk Finish:

1. To avoid mess set up a work area with a drop cloth and your project you are about to paint.

There are no fumes with chalk finish, so it’s perfectly safe to paint indoors.

2. Wipe down your piece with a damp rag. Take out drawers or other parts of the furniture that should be painted separately, and remove any hardware, knobs or hinges.

3. If you are painting near  an area that you want to keep free from paint, tape off the paint free areas. This helps give nice clean lines. 1st start with the underside of the furniture. It’s the area that matters least and it gives the painter a chance to get used to the paint.

4. You can apply from the can but give the can a good shake before using it or put into smaller container and keep can shut.

5. Before starting, the easiest way to determine the texture is to experiment on an old piece of wood.

6. Dip your brush into the paint, about a third of the way and start painting. If you feel like it’s a little too thick just add in a little bit more water until you’re comfortable.

7. Once you like the coverage and the thickness of the paint, keep going until you’ve finished your first coat.

8. If painting one colour, 1 or 2 coats may be required however with darker colours 2 coats will be required to cover. Rarely will you need three coats. Distressed chalk finish dries in about 30 minutes and can be re-coated 1-2 hours.

9. After the second coat, give the paint time to thoroughly dry. If sanding we suggest leaving to next day so sanding won’t clog up the sandpaper.

10. If you decide not to distress the furniture, leave it over night to really let the paint cure. Then you can wax, stain or add another colour finish.

11. There are two different ways to distress your piece. 1. You can use a damp rag and rub the paint off (do this before paint completely dries) in random places until you get a look you like, and then wax or 2. You can wax first, and then use a sandpaper  to distress.

12.To protect your finish and to deepen the colour of the paint. you can wax or use Only Green “2-in1 Clearcoat) both will give a satin like finish.

The most important thing to remember about distressed chalk finish is that it’s really an art form. There are no rules and no one way to do it. Your ideas, your choices and your vision is what will make it unique.

which is why we say you are limited only by your imagination....