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Juliana’s range of creative products including paint
Stencils , Wooden applique’s and Stencil and wax brushes.

Like any paint project the better the tools the better the projects results. Juliana’s range of
Products will help you achieve professional results and will make achieving your unique look
Easily and with the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Juliana’s Wall and furniture paint stencils
Juliana’s Stencils are made from semi-rigid easy cleaning plastic. They are designed to be taped to the
furniture or wall with a delicate (easy removing) masking tape. They are popular with the Da Vinci Chalk
paint range but can be used with any paint finish.

Juliana’s Wooden Applique’s (onlays)
Juliana’s Birch appliqués or Onlays are made in the USA and because they are made of wood can be
Stained, varnished or painted and can be sanded . Available in Centres, crowns, medallions and corners
These applique’s are the ideal product for creating a vintage or antique looking piece of furniture.

Juliana’s Paint Stencil Brushes
Juliana’s paint stencil brushes are made of flat natural bristle and are ideal for dabbing or brushing
Over stencils for the best effects.

Juliana’s Round Chalky Finishes & wax brushes
Juliana’s Wax Brushes are made in the USA and are made using the finest natural bristle and are the
Perfect brush to use with Da Vinci Soft Wax over chalk paint.
Stencil Brushes Pint stencils Appliques Wax Brushes