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Only Green Paint Strippa
This gel paint stripper is ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Can be used
for multiple layers of both water-based and oil based paints.

Only Green “Paint Strippa” can safely remove most commonly used paints. Oil based,
Acrylic, Polyurethane, Varnishes, Lacquers, and most Anti-fouling , as used on boats.

When OG “Paint Strippa” is applied the safe solvents start to break down the paint  and
its link with the surface to which it has been applied. The clay matrix then  produces an
Hydraulic action ,pulling the paint towards itself.

To enhance the action of the OG “Paint Strippa”, it is advised to use a light black
plastic membrane over the area being worked. This speeds up the action, also the clay
matrix adheres to the plastic, making disposal a safe and clean operation.

Please note! OG “Paint Strippa”  is 100% degradable in water, therefore do not use in
wet conditions.

Also OG “Paint Strippa” compared to other aggressive chemical based strippers will
take longer to work, we therefore suggest that a test area be used prior to
commencement of the full job. This will provide a time factor for the task ahead.
Full de-lamination onto the plastic membrane will not occur if you are trying to remove
more than two coats of paint in one operation.

OG “Paint Strippa” will continue to work as long as it is moist and can soften up to
20 coats of some paints at one time. Therefore on completion of your job always
neutralise the surface with plain water!

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