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Olde World traditional wood craftsman Wax

Only Green “Olde world wax” is the most traditional bare wood finish. Olde world wax can be applied directly to the wood, and no other finish is required. Use clear wax if you like the wood natural, or try one of the timber coloured waxes.

Uses: Olde World wax  is ideal for wood carvings and turned wood, furniture, for floors and skirtings. Olde world wax cleans and protects wood, tiles, metalwork, marble and melamine etc.  It is also ideal as a rewax maintenance system to maintain, clean shine & polish.

Made in New Zealand  using a blend of Beeswax, Carnauba wax, a natural oil blend and Citrus extracts & has no harmful Toluene.

Surface Preparation

To Use: Bare uncoated wooden surfaces should be smooth, dry and clean. Apply Olde World wax using a lint free cloth or 0000 Steel Wool,  thoroughly working the wax into the grain (always work with the grain).

Once dry, buff to desired finish with a clean soft lint free cloth. For antiques and pre-finished furniture, first test compatibility, then apply Olde world wax in small areas with a clean soft  cloth. The Olde world wax finish can be maintained by further applications which will give increased hardness and shine. This product is not recommended for use in areas where it will come into contact with water. Above 20°C Olde world wax will soften and possibly liquify. Replace lid, put in a cool place and it will return to its original state.

Helpful hint: If using over paint waxes may alter the colour  of the paint a couple of shades. Remember the more you buff  the If applying a dark wax apply a clear coat first and then apply  the dark wax to give a uniform colour .

Technical Information:

Number of Coats: normally one coat is enough. Heavy used areas such kitchens 3 coats is recommended. Wax  is a maintenance system so when it looks a little tired clean and re-wax

Coverage: 8-12 Sq metres per Litre (per coat) depending on porosity & texture of surface.

Dry time: 1-2 Hours between coats and  when buffing to achieve shine. (depends on humidity & temperature)

Apply with: Wax Brush or lint free rag or cloth

Thinning: Not recommended    

Clean-up: Warm soapy water

Storage & surface temperature: Do not store or apply if lower than 10ºC or above 35 ºC